Florida Watercraft Definitions and Codes

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CATAMARAN - Any craft having twin hulls. In a catamaran two similar or identical hulls are joined parallel to each other separated by beams or a platform.

KETCH - Fore-and-aft-rigged, two sail vessel, with the mizzen or jigger mast to the fore of the rudder post. The front sail or main sail is larger than the back or mizzen sail.

TRIMARAN - Watercraft powered by engine or sail, three separate hulls. Trinmarans have been clocked at speeds over 25 knots.

SLOOP - The most common sailing vessel is rigged with one mast and a single jib and mainsail. Almost all modern yachts under 30 feet in length are sloop rigged.

The Florida DOT manual says that the minimum amount of information you have to put on your boat log is whether a vessel is "P", "C", "T", or "G".

The first letter states the basics: P for Pleasure, C for Commercial uses, T for Tug, and G for Government vessel (Coast Guard). Of course, we can't easily tell whether a huge sports fisherman, or a cruiser, or a yacht is a pleasure or commercial vessel because they could be either.

The second letter tells us whether a vessel is a "S" for Sail, or "MV" for a Motor Vessel; And if the first letter was "T" for Tug, what was he pulling? Sailboat, Motor Vessel, Barge, Freighter?

The 3rd level of detail

S for one mast, a Sloop
K for two mast, a Ketch
Sch for Schooner. Every once in a great while we see a three masted sailing vessel.

Or if it has more than one hull we would use:
Cat for Catamaran
Tri for Trimaran

C = Under 40 ft. is a Cruiser
Y = 40 to 100 ft. is a Yacht
Ship = over 100' is a Ship

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